This year is proving to be very productive (and quite busy). I just found out that I got accepted into another international residency, the Nature, Art & Habitat Residency founded by Associazione Amici Artista Franco Normanni, a non-profit association, based in Bergamo, Italy.

'Nature, Art & Habitat at Soggiorno Mazzoleni - Taleggio Valley, Bergamo, Italy - is a summer program that aims to unfold and display a sensitive type of culture that relates to nature as a source of inspiration and a measure of available resources.  The ultimate goal is to unveil intimate links with all living organisms and to develop a more resilient and vital coexistence - in which humans would not be conceived as separate from, but part of, nature.’ []

The theme of the residency is ‘The Woods – Resilience in Nature’. In accordance with my current research the project I will undertake revolves around viewing the Woods of the Taleggio Valley as a model for exploration as it represents an example of a healthy habitat.

Residency dates: May 30 - June 26, 2016